A Virtual Gallery - from the Photo Artists in the Project: Photo with Richard Kiraly


Students of the Project: Photo online class meet weekly to learn basic photography skills and to have fun practicing those skills in themed projects and assignments! Here is a gallery of our favorites!

Sign up for the next series of classes, The "Not Your Average Holiday Show Photo Project!"  This class will be themed around the holiday show written by Jami Steele Sprankle to be produced by the Arts Center of Kershaw County. We will develop concepts and themes for our photography around the script for the holiday show!

Gabrielle Mason, Photo Artist: 

Jennifer Steele, Photo Artist:

Jerry Steele, Photo Artist:

Larissa Melville, Photo Artist:

Richard Kiraly, Photo Artist:

Ruthann Steele, Photo Artist:

Selena Page-Black, Photo Artist:

Project: Photo - Current and Past Photographers include: Selena Page-Black, Richard Kiraly, Gabrielle Mason, Larissa Melville, Mac Mosier, Jami Steele Sprankle, Jennifer Steele, Jerry Steele, Ruthann Steele. All photos used with permission, and the photographer retains all copyright. 

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