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Auditions: Once Upon a Mattress

  • Wed, January 22, 2020
  • 6:00 PM
  • Auditorium


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Auditions: Once Upon a Mattress - Grades 9-12


I am so glad you are auditioning for our upcoming production of Getting to Know… Once Upon a Mattress! We are so excited to have you! 

My name is Amanda Britt and I will be directing OUAM. Below are some helpful tidbits about music and dancing during our auditions! 

Please prepare a 30 second audition from one of the following songs:


  1. The Minstrel, The Jester, and I*

  2. Yesterday I Loved You

  3. Song of Love


  1. Shy

  2. Sensitivity or Quiet

  3. Yesterday I Loved You

  4. The Minstrel, The Jester, and I

*the role of the King is mute. We are looking for someone who is good at getting the point across without speaking. Think charades or mime but acting!*

Here is a link to a youtube playlist that has the music to listen to: 


(*we are doing the 'Getting to Know' version of OUAM. This means we are doing a slightly altered version fit for high school. Some songs in this playlist will not be in our version. You can google Getting to Know Once Upon a Mattress to find a list of music if you are interested.)

There is no need to bring any tracks or sheet music because the audition will be A CAPPELLA! Please make sure to act out each character as well. We are looking for someone who understands the character and why they are singing what they are singing. 

Please dress comfy because there will be a dance audition as well!

We will also be reading some scenes from the show as well. These are called cold-reads. Cold-reads are scenes/monologues handed out at an audition that you have never looked at before and do not have memorized. You will have a few seconds to look over and read through it before you come on-stage and act out whatever you are handed. It doesn't have to be memorized… just act it!

If you have any questions please feel free to ask! We cannot wait to meet you!

Thank you,

Amanda Britt


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